Young Jesus is //

John Rossiter – Vocals, Guitar
Eric Shevrin – Keys, Vocals
Marcel Borbon – Bass
Kern Haug – Drums

01 // “Untitled”
02 // “Green”
03 // “Saganism VS Buddhism”
04 // “Brothers”
05 // “Feeling”

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Director/Camera/Edit – Travis Button (
2nd Camera – Jordan Epstein (
Audio Engineering / Mixing – Brad Dujmovic (
Produced by – Half Stop Sessions (

Your recollection of any great performance will generally serve to paint an even greater picture than what you may have actually experienced in the first place but with Young Jesus it is a different story.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Young Jesus perform on several occasions and always walk away feeling like I’ve experienced something special, something unique, something so genuine and sincere you can virtually watch and feel it pouring out of them as they grace the stage before you.

This feeling not only comes across in their stage presence but also in the music itself, specifically in the songwriting of John Rossiter which often speaks volumes in so few words.  My initial introduction to them was stumbling across the incredible 2015 LP, “Grow / Decompose”, a timeless and masterful record from start to finish.  Worth noting is that this album was produced while they were still living in Chicago and also before Kern and Marcel came aboard by way of the move to Los Angeles.  Needless to say, since that point on I have been fascinated with both the music of Young Jesus, and them as the incredible human beings that they all are.  Over the past couple of years, it’s been a pleasure to watch them hone their sound and direction as well as continue to master their craft as performers and musicians leading up to their latest LP, S/T, out worldwide, live in person, and the internets on September 12th.

When we filmed this session (way too long ago), it had been something I was looking forward to for quite sometime as we had found the time that worked for all of use to get together.  Everyone came in super relaxed and ready to just have fun, and to their surprise, a lifelong friend in Jordan Epstein had stopped by to help film adding an even greater level of familiarity and comfort to the performance.  This set the stage for what I can honestly say might be the best session we’ve captured here at Half Stop Sessions — not taking anything from previous guests but Young Jesus came to pour everything out and that’s exactly what they did.

Each and every time I re-visited this session to try and finish the edits, it never failed to transport me right back to the basement to that moment behind the camera, creating the exact same chills down my spine I’ve felt every time I’ve heard that bellowing delivery of John’s heartfelt vocals.  How can you not get the feels, in a song literally called “Feelings” when a grown man delivers the these lines with such a sincere grimace on his face; it’s enough to bring most people to tears:

spend a lot of time thinking about the feelings i felt
can’t recall whether i felt that in the first place

filled with grime, got a gortex heart, i am breathable
if at all waterproof i sit in rain

This is one of those perfect examples of a song that says so much by saying so little, a 13 minute anthem where the music navigates a story just as powerful as the simple 4 lines of lyrics and lucky for you it’s the closing bookend of this session that will come out on Saturday!

Thanks to Young Jesus for collaborating with us on this and please stay tuned each day for the next track over the next 5 days.  Also, please go check out and buy their amazing new LP that’s out now on their Bandcamp with links to cassettes and vinyl.  Get on it now so you don’t have to come talking about YJ in two years when all the big fancy pants DJ’s start playing it on their radio show!

They’re also on TOUR right now so if you’re in one of these places, go get yourself some live sauce:

9/19 – Las Vegas
9/20 – Phoenix
9/22 – Dan Santonio, TX
9/23 – B’Austin, TX
9/27 – New Orleans, LA
10/1 – Athens, GA
10/2 – Raleigh, NC
10/3 – Washington D.C.
10/4 – Goucher?
10/5 – NYC
10/6 – Wesleyan Church of Young Jesus
10/7 – Philly
10/8 – Boston
10/9 – New Brunswick, Dirty Jers
10/10 – Columbus, OH
10/11 – Kalamazoo, MI
10/12 – Chicago, IL
10/14 – Madison, WI
10/15 – Yorkville, IL
10/16 – Davenport, IA
10/18 – Nashville, TN
10/20 – Austin, TX
10/21 – Denton, TX
10/22 – Cheers, It was fun.

Thanks for watching and for all the love and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube, goddammit!

*words by Travis Button

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