William “Joe” Dinkel – Vocals, Guitar

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Director/Camera/Edit/Sound – Travis Button (travisbutton.com)
Produced by – Half Stop Sessions (halfstopsessions.com)

After nearly two weeks on the road through the PNW, we (Actually just me, Travis) met up with a couple of friends that I grew up with back in Kansas for what was going to be an epic week-long(ish) adventure through the Cascades, and more specifically Mount Rainier National Park.  This session came after we had already spent 3-4 cold nights up in elevation doing some moderately difficult backpacking outside of the park in a place called Bear Creek Mountain (stunning views of Adams and Rainier).  Where we had been shooting timelapse and video footage for the Williams Lost National Parks Tour 2014 short doc that may or may not see the light of day somewhere down the line.

Williams Lost is a great mix of “country cheese” and “bubble-gum pop” with a hint of “meloncholy”, that is if you were to ask Joe, the sole singer-songwriter that is Williams Lost.  Buuuut, Joe hasn’t really listened to any music that was born post-1990’s era grunge rock scene with the likes of Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Blind Melon.  So,  I’ll just save ya the spiel…

I would coin it as Dark Folk to more of a Country Folk vibe that rides comfortably along the lines of simplicity, with straight to the point songwriting that any person who has lived will understand and relate to.  These songs don’t need to be over-thought and that’s what I like about them.  His vocal stylings range from the likes of Layne Staley to Nick Drake and his first album, “What’s In Store”, even in its obvious Staley influences still manages to allow Joe to make it his own via the songwriting and much simpler instrumentation.  You’ll see a more developed Williams Lost in his latest release “Uncharted”, but I think there is still plenty of growth left in the stories and songwriting that lies ahead for Williams Lost.

Enjoy and check out the links below to hear some official recordings of Williams Lost!

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