Cory Hanson – Vocals, Guitar

Director/Camera/Edit/Sound – Travis Button (travisbutton.com)
Additional Camera – Anthony Maiuri (maiuri.work)
Producer – Ryan Stiles
Executive Producer – Zale Schoenborn (pickathon.com)
Associate Producer – Terry Groves, John MacArthur
Assistant Producer – Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer – Seth Chandler
Production Manager – Alisha Flaumenbaum, Josh Madera
Associate Distribution Producer – Ned Failing, David Glick, Vanessa Pham
Legal – Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Production Assistant – Felicia Heaton, Gregory Heaton, Sarah Williams Klimt, Ivy Patton

*words by Ned Lannamann of The Portland Mercury

The Portland Mercury and The Stranger are proud to host Pickathon‘s Slab Sessions, a video series filmed at this past summer’s Pickathon festival by Half Stop Sessions. During down time in between sets, a handful of Pickathon performers set up away from the bustling crowds to perform some intimate sessions for only a camera/recording crew. If you saw Wand at this year’s Pickathon—either performing on their own or as Ty Segall’s backing band, the Roling Stons—it’s tough to imagine turning down the volume for the bucolic performance you’re about to see.

But this second installment of the Slab Sessions gives us a stunning tune from Wand’s Cory Hanson, who performs “Morning Rainbow” in a secluded field at Pendarvis Farm—an unreleased song when this was taped, although it’s since been revealed to be the album closer on Wand’s newly released 1000 Days.

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