Vinnie Ferra – Vocals, Guitar
Kiara Ana Perico – Viola
Erik Kertes – Upright Bass
Alex Fink – Banjo
Kiel Feher – Drums

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Director/Camera/Edit/Sound – Travis Button (
Additional Camera – Ryan Bussard (
Produced by – Half Stop Sessions (

On several occasions in Half Stop’s short lifespan; artists, their management, or someone linked to them have reached out about doing a session.  Only twice has the music jumped out enough to me for it to actually lead to a session.  This was one of those times.

The day was hot, REALLY HOT, and vintage instruments were fragile so we had to make it quick.  This session unfolded with about 20 minutes of location scouting a few blocks from Vinnie’s rehearsal space in Burbank and another 20 minutes of filming the session once we locked the spot.  We think this sesh ended up representing exactly the way things unfolded that day in the most raw way possible that was topped off with an excellent performance by Vinnie and his band.

A month ago, I knew nothing of Vinnie Ferra’s music, or even of his existence.  Unknown, or barely known is a common theme among the artists I love and most of which are featured as part of Half Stop Sessions.  Not because they aren’t deserving of such recognition or being known but more-so that they, like many great artists, have yet to reach the surface of an endless sea of amazing (and shitty) music that finds its way to our earholes every single day.

What Vinnie proves for himself and listeners on his debut album, “Arc En Ciel”, is that wherever he sits in this sea, his music is deserving of a wider audience and will hopefully reach those listeners that like me, would be positively impacted by it if only given the opportunity to hear it in the first place.  His strength shines brightest in the compositions that serve as the foundation to this album.  They are executed with flawless precision and trailed closely behind by his confident vocals and promising songwriting abilities.

Here’s what Vinnie had to say about his recent release:

“Arc En Ciel” is out now and I seriously can’t believe it. Recording this album was an emotional rollercoaster. It all started in summer 2011 when I first tried recording a new album. We got two songs in and it wasn’t working. Early 2012 I played a residency and after that we recorded 1 song; “Destroying Me”. We released that a year later. We moved all the way to New York in Late 2012 only to record the album in its entirety, on 3 separate occasions the following year (2013). Twice myself. It wasn’t until I came back to LA in 2014. My home. Put together the right people in the right environment that it came together. Even then, it took me a year and a half to get it where I felt it was worthy of your ears.

Download it, stream it, rip it, email me for a free copy. I don’t care. Just have it. It’s yours.

Enjoy the session and do as Vinnie says… Download it, stream it, rip it, buy it… listen to the music that this man has put the last 4 years into creating.

*words by Travis Button

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