“ALL YOURS” by Tennyson

Luke Pretty – Keys, MPC
Tess Pretty – Drums

Tennyson Facebook
Tennyson Bandcamp

Director/Editor – Travis Button (travisbutton.com)
Cameras – Sean Bowie, Travis Button, Brad McCormick
Audio Engineer – Branic Howard (openfieldrecording.com)
Audio Mix – Jason Powers
Producer – Ryan Stiles
Executive Producer – Zale Schoenborn (pickathon.com)
Associate Producer – Terry Groves, John MacArthur
Assistant Producer – Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer – Seth Chandler
Production Manager – Alisha Flaumenbaum, Josh Madera
Associate Distribution Producer – Ned Failing, Shawna Burke, David Gluck
Legal – Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Production Assistants – Dale Palmer, Rachel Saxby

*words by Marty Sartini Garner of Flood Magazine

Tennyson Are “All Yours” in Pickathon Slab Session.

Luke and Tess Pretty are a brother-sister duo from Edmonton whose instrumental compositions are as unlikely as their name. Using an electronic drum kit and a stack of keyboards and sequencers, the Prettys—who record under the name Tennyson—modulate, deform, and squelch sounds both found and homemade.

Despite having a busload of instruments without a string between them, the duo trekked to Oregon last summer for Pickathon, where they set up shop and slashed away at “All Yours” for the Slab Series. It’s the latest episode in the festival’s 2016–2017 season, and if the juxtaposition of Tennyson’s shifty funk and aspirational groove initially feel out of place beneath the treecover, the Prettys play right through it, toggling effortlessly between breathy inspirational modes and Zapp-worthy funk with nothing but a sneeze to mark the transition.

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