“HEALTHIER FOLK” by Palehound

Ellen Kempner – Guitar
Jesse Weiss – Drums
David Khoshtinat – Bass

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Palehound Bandcamp

Director/Editor – Travis Button (
Cameras – Sean Bowie, Travis Button, Brad McCormick
Audio Engineer – Branic Howard (
Audio Mix – Jason Powers
Producer – Ryan Stiles
Executive Producer – Zale Schoenborn (
Associate Producer – Terry Groves, John MacArthur
Assistant Producer – Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer – Seth Chandler
Production Manager – Alisha Flaumenbaum, Josh Madera
Associate Distribution Producer – Ned Failing, Shawna Burke, David Gluck
Legal – Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Production Assistants – Dale Palmer, Rachel Saxby

*words by Dean Brandt of Flood Magazine

The high point of summer is nearly upon us—seriously, stop reading this and go outside for a second if you don’t believe us—and that means we’re now less than one week away from Pickathon’s annual shindig on Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon. And that means that today we’re debuting the final episode in this year’s Slab Sessions, featuring our old buds in Palehound.

When we last heard from the Boston power trio, they were barreling through “Molly,” from 2015’s excellent Dry Food. Since then, they’ve released that album’s followup, A Place I’ll Always Go, and are gearing up for a nice lengthy trek across these United States, but before they did any of that, they recorded another Dry Food cut in the clearing at Pendarvis Farm.

“Healthier Folk” finds Ellen Kempner leading her dudes through a semi-self-conscious jam. “I only feel half right around healthier folk,” she sings, the great irony being how in command she is here—of her voice, of her band, and of the world of the song itself. Chalk it up to the tranquility of the site if you must, but Kempner has found her clearing.

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