Luke Redfield – Vocals, Guitar
Gary Calhoun James Jr. – Bass, Vocals
Linda “Violinda” Akinkunmi – Violin, Tambourine, Vocals
Patrycja Humienik – Vocals

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Director/Camera/Edit/Sound – Travis Button (
Produced by – Half Stop Sessions (

I’ll preface this session by telling you this may be the most challenging one I’ve done yet.  It was freezing, I mean FREEZING in Marfa when we shot this.  So freezing that we could barely keep the instruments in tune for the duration of a single song.  Everything we do is live, single take, no re-do’s, but usually we have three songs to choose from for the cut and usually one of those three will stand but this time we only had one and it was what it was as you can hear me at the end asking “Can you do another one?”.  But even under these circumstances when I finally started editing this session I was thrilled with what we had pulled off, I think somehow the amazing snow storm in the background helped everything come together perfectly.

When I first heard the music of Luke Redfield back in 2012 via his debut Daytrotter Session, I was almost immediately sucked into a visual journey of moments and memories I had actually lived in my own life.  To me it became the perfect meeting of song and picture, photos and film I had shot throughout my adventures were the unparalleled visual representation of what I was hearing in Luke’s songs.  The exact people and places that were part of our stories become irrelevant as it all comes down to embracing the spirit of the road, the moment, and being free of anything outside of it as Luke sings in “Down the Line”:

“If you’re still tryin’ to figure out
Just what life’s about
You got curiosity just like mine.
Just like mine, just like mine, just like mine.

If you crave adventure like I do
Come on with me to Kalamazoo
We’ll take the great lakes route, right on down the line.
Down the line, down the line, down the line.”

Later in the song he belts out “This is how life should always be, I was born American but NOW I’M FREE.” which is one of my all time favorite lines of his.  It would all resonate with me over and over again, it was everything I believe in and live by.  I was hooked from the first time I pushed play, and still am hundreds of plays later.

Luke’s latest full length effort, “The Cartographer” (which you can buy for $1 HERE), is a brilliant album and display of his continuous evolution as a songwriter trying to make his path to sustainability in music.  It takes a bit of quality time with the album to fully appreciate it, but once you do you really know why.  They are the stories of a man with a wealth of experience and the knowledge that came of said experiences, lessons learned, lessons not learned, and all of that over again, chugging along despite the relentless adversity.

Over the past 4 years I have come to admire Luke as an artist and a friend and when he gets the break he is searching for, it will be damn well deserved.  His music will stand the test of time while many others are long forgotten.

If you like what you hear, head on over to Bandcamp or his Website with the links below and pick up one or more of the 5 excellent full-length albums he has released in the last 7 years.

*words by Travis Button

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