Jacob Disedare – Vocals, Guitar
Dacoda Montana – Vocals, Drums
Connor Davis – Guitar

Ghost Foot Bandcamp
Riverwolves Bandcamp
Jacob Disedare Bandcamp

DOWNLOADS (Right Click and Save-As):
01 – Ghost Foot – Reaper
02 – Ghost Foot – Bad Blood
03 – Ghost Foot – Shakes

Director/Camera/Edit/Sound – Travis Button (
Additional Camera – Anthony Maiuri (
Produced by – Half Stop Sessions (

The music of Jacob Disedare, key songwriter and lead singer of Ghost Foot, has been a favorite of ours ever since we were introduced to his former project Riverwolves (R.I.P.) circa 2011.  After a series of EP’s and a proper full-length release with “G.B.G.S.”, the brilliant songwriting and perfect Folk-Rock instrumentation of Riverwolves are all demanding of our attention.  We could go on and on about Riverwolves, but give it a listen and see for yourself via the links below.

Now, on to the task at hand.  Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, we have Ghost Foot.  With 2013’s debut LP “Bad Blood” and a self-titled EP released earlier this year under their belts, these guys seem to have their flavor of Lo-Fi Garage Rock all figured out.  It’s all Rock-N-Roll at its core but with Disedare at the helm, it definitely maintains just the right amount of that Folk like sensibility.  We can’t wait for a new full-length (hopefully by year’s end?!?).  Oh, yeah… Did we mention they like cats?

We’re so stoked that we get to launch Half Stop on a note like this session we filmed in Echo Park.  Enjoy.

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