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The way that Georgia Spain and I crossed paths back in January is quite the story but I’m not sure we’ll have enough room in this post for all the gorey details.  The place was Alpine, TX at a cozy little joint known as the Javelina Listening Parlor where I had ended up while touring through the Midwest with my good friend and folk troubadour, Luke Redfield.

After escaping death by blizzard and zero visibility fog on our way through West Texas, we finally made our way into Alpine were we would be joining some other talented musicians for an evening of intimate performances.  One of whom happened to be Georgia Spain (for which we mistakenly understood was a flamenco guitarist from Spain).  No bullshit, that’s a totally true story.  She was traveling here in the states on a journey to visit the grave of her greatest influence and favorite songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, as well as play on the same stage he once played on in Galveston, TX.  A dream that she actually fulfilled after getting married, shortly followed by shipping out on the Greyhound.

To our pleasant surprise, when she took the “stage” at the front of the room (she was neither a Spaniard nor had a guitar) but instead it was just her and a banjo for which after only about four words into her opening song “Four Walls” it became very apparent to everyone in attendance that this soft-spoken, American Spirit smoking Australian had a lot more to offer than she had humbly laid claim.

Georgia’s songs could easily be the quintessential soundtrack to any sorrow filled thoughts that might come to mind if it weren’t for the power in her vocals to deliver them in a way that leaves you feeling hopeful and longing for something more than heartbreak or misfortune.  Armed with nothing more than her words, a banjo, and presence alone, you’ll simply be left satisfied to have experienced the music of Georgia Spain despite the sad nature of her songs.

She is an old soul, a musical prodigy of sorts and although she would humbly turn that title down, it is true.  Banjo is only the latest chapter of her musical endeavors (the sixth instrument at her disposal), and a welcoming challenge for her as an artist who is seemingly always striving for more.  At 21 years young, there is no doubt that it won’t be long before Georgia is trekking right along in the footsteps of her old hero, Townes Van Zandt.

Special thanks to the El Paisano Hotel in Marfa and the nice folks there that let us shoot in their beautiful space!  Marfa truly loves the arts and are extremely supportive to the artists who are making it.

*words by Travis Button

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