Laken Wright – Vocals, Bass
Travis King – Guitar
Brennan Facchino – Guitar
Nick Everett – Drums

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To watch the track “NÜ NÜ” from this session click HERE!

A year and a half ago, a friend of mine told me I should check out a Portland band called Blowout.

It may be hard to believe but as a music junkie, I actually give an honest listen to EVERY single recommendation that is ever given to me.  Sometimes I regret that dedication but in the case of Blowout, I certainly didn’t.  The first listen came by way of their first EP/Demo “We all float down here” which you can stream on Bandcamp via that snazzy link I just provided.  To be completely honest, I wasn’t completely drawn to them right away because of whatever listening phase I was in at the time but I bought the album anyways and it sat around in my Bandcamp collection for a minute… Cut to a few months later at Lauren Records’ Growing Up Is Dumb Vol. 3(ish) in Pomona.  I had the chance to catch them live at VLHS and they fucking destroyed that place.  Being one of the lesser known among the local crowd they caught pretty much everyone off guard and left VLHS with a storage locker roomful of new fans — I was sold!

What stood out to me at VLHS was sheer musicianship from front to back, diverse compositional arrangements encompassing the thoughtful lyricism of bassist and front-woman Laken Wright.  Travis King and Brennan Facchino seamlessly alternate lead/rhythm guitar creating a beautiful arrangement of intertwined harmonies.  I believe this intricacy and attention to detail sets Blowout apart from much of the other music I hold dear and what ultimately makes their live performance so encapsulating.  The last thing I’d want to do is sell anyone short and the talent here runs deep; coming full circle with the furious drums of Nick Everett — culminating into a flawless 4-piece of punk perfection.

This all came to fruition at it’s best in last years debut LP “No Beer, No Dad”, which holds an amazing pace start to finish.  So much so that even those tools over at Pitchfork gave it a pretty fair shake at 6.8 (see here).  Because Laken’s voice can occasionally get a tad drown out in the mix, you absolutely have to sit and read every lyric thru as you listen to the album.  Once you do this, it’ll be a fucking constant sing-along on verses like this one from “Cents Cents Money Money” everytime you listen to it (trust me I know) —

Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll find the words to say
Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll find the words to say


Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll find the words to say
Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll stop by

Maybe I’ll get a job someday,
maybe I’ll find the words to say
Maybe I won’t smoke as much or
drink as much or give a fuck
Oh no, and I, I’m not just like your type
Oh no, and I, I’m not just like your type

The moral of this story is that I love Blowout as people and as a band.  I’m grateful for the memories and moments shared with them over the past year and for their hospitality and generosity while in Portland over the summer.  After 3 different opportunities and talk about doing this session, I’m so fortunate we made it happen on their last tour through Los Angeles before they called it quits at the end of the year — some of the saddest of shitty news in 2016.

So stoked to finally share the first of two NEW, previously un-recorded Blowout tracks with you now and the second in a few weeks!

Thanks for watching and for all the love and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube, goddammit!

*words by Travis Button
*photo by Emily Stone (the one I love the most and the only reason I know Blowout)

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