“ACOUASM” by Blossom feat. Myke Bogan

Blossom – Vocals
Myke Bogan – Vocals
Neill Von Tally – MPC/Beats
Erika Nathanielsz – Backing Vocals
Janae Ball – Backing Vocals

Blossom Facebook
Blossom Bandcamp
Myke Bogan Facebook
Myke Bogan Bandcamp

Director/Editor – Travis Button (
Cameras – Sean Bowie, Travis Button, Brad McCormick
Audio Engineer – Branic Howard (
Audio Mix – Jason Powers
Producer – Ryan Stiles
Executive Producer – Zale Schoenborn (
Associate Producer – Terry Groves, John MacArthur
Assistant Producer – Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer – Seth Chandler
Production Manager – Alisha Flaumenbaum, Josh Madera
Associate Distribution Producer – Ned Failing, Shawna Burke
Legal – Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Production Assistants – Sybil Paulson, Victoria Wells

*words by Flood Magazine

You may wanna float right into the weekend on this one.

Not since Keith Sweat has an R&B singer been as appropriately named as Portland’s Blossom. The singer—who as a kid toured as a singer with her uncle’s steel-drum band—composes a gentle, airy form of R&B that takes its time developing.

For the latest episode of Pickathon’s Slab Sessions, Blossom is joined by Portland rapper (and Slab Session alumMyke Bogan for a take on “Acouasm” at the edge of the woods. The pair trade pickup lines over a woozy, over-it beat that belies Bogan’s boasts and Blossom’s breathy lead.

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